I go by Tris these days. As an artist, I’d love to develop a unique and expressive style that fully exhibits a concept’s potential through visuals. I also aim to sharpen my skills in other fields such as programming so I would be able to give users a enriching experience with the integration of graphics and interactive elements. Being based in the Philippines, I have been exposed to an array of cultures that drive me to improve myself.

Most of my free time is spent on my work with Dicesuki where I make use of my large skillset that ranges from illustration, programming, layout design, graphic design, and animation. If you’re interested to work with me, you may contact me using the following e-mail address: sitraxis@gmail.com.


Software Proficiency

  • Adobe Photoshop (11 years+)
  • Clip Studio Paint (4+ years)
  • Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine (3+ years)


Graphic Design


UI Design




Notable Projects